Updating the Soundscribe Ottawa Concert Calendar

NOTE: Only registered users may administer this calendar.

Click on the Logon button in the upper right-hand corner to logon and update events or change your preferences.
Click on a date to post a new event for that date.
Click on a date or Category to view an event for editing/deletion.
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For more information, read below.

  1. Authorization

    We screen requests to administer this calendar by Username/Password – if you are not logged-on with sufficient privileges, then any requests to administer this calendar will be denied.

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    If you are a user of the Soundscribe Ottawa Concert Calendar but cannot post events, please take a moment to fill out our simple registration form.

  2. To Post a new event, use the Post Form.
    • You must be logged-on and have sufficient privileges to post an event (see above).
    • You must fill out all fields in the form, except where specified. If you supply your email address, it will be posted at the end of the event.
    • The event description is treated as HTML
      (note however that the system may strip out some or all of your tags).
      You can if desired cut-and-paste the contents of an entire file.
      Entered URLs and email addresses will automatically be translated into hypertext links.
    • The event Description may be up to 10000 characters long. Descriptions that are longer will be truncated.

  3. To Delete, Copy -or- Edit an event or a series of events, you must be an administrator -or- the same user that posted it.

    View the event, or one event of the series, and
    Click on one of:  EditCopyDelete

    If the date of an event you wish to delete, copy or edit is not visible on the calendar, click on the appropriate Category or select an appropriate starting month to locate it.

Soundscribe Ottawa Concert Calendar questions and comments to:
      Tom Barnes, Soundscribe  – tbarnes@rogers.com

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