January 20, 2018 ( Saturday )
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5:30pm - 7:30pm
Soundscape project for Bruce Nicol

4-track, songs, speech, a guitar, recorded in the 4 corners of the space.

Location:  Glebe Community Centre

Posted by:  Sysop, 14-Jan-18 11:40am ET

Triptych Piano Trio Presents: Spheres of Influence

Triptych Piano Trio Presents: Spheres of Influence: Two Trios by Haydn and Beethoven (This concert will last under an hour and is suitable for mature children, aged 7 and up.)

Join Ottawa's own Triptych Piano Trio as they play two works written less than 20 years apart that show remarkable similarities and stark differences while elegantly anticipating music that was to follow. Journey with the trio into worlds of yearning, acceptance, mystery, wonder and excitement as expressed by these two masters of the Piano Trio genre.

Pay what you can dual donation: A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Children's Aid Foundation to fund piano lessons for children in need. http://www.ottawasteinway.ca/about

Location:  Steinway Piano Gallery, 1481 Innes Road

Posted by:  Sysop, 18-Jan-18 10:35pm ET